C3 Farms strives to provide fresh, "GMO free" produce to our local and surrounding communities including Garner, Clayton, Benson, and southern parts of Raleigh.  We offer home delivery produce crates, bulk produce for freezing or canning, and a small roadside stand in the Spring and Summer.


- Home delivery produce crates

Our produce crates are delivered weekly and contain 5 varieties of vegetables.  Each week 2-3 items will change to keep meals interesting.  We do allow customers to pick their varieties depending on crop yields and what is available that week.  Delivery dates will be posted the week before as the delivery day will not always be the same.  We ask customers to leave a cooler on their porch if they will not be around on the delivery date.  This will allow your vegetables to stay fresh during warm summer evenings.  Crates are available in 2 sizes.  2 person weekly crate delivery will be $19 weekly.  4 person weekly crate delivery is $25 weekly.  We can also customize a size to fit your family.  A list of our common varieties is available on the page tabbed vegetables!   




- Roadside Produce Stand

During the late spring and summer months we have a small stand set up at the corner of Old Stage Road and Rock Service Station Road across from the Community Mart store.  The physical address is 10133 Old Stage Raleigh, NC 27603.  Our stand consists of mostly multiple varieties of Watermelons, Corn, Cantaloupes, Tomatoes, and other seasonal vegetables.  We are often close by working in the fields so there is a money drop box present for the times we can not be right there at the stand.  Please bring cash in small bills because we may not be present to present change. 

















- Bulk Sales for Canning and Freezing

Bulk purchasing by the bushel is available for our neighbors who prefer canning, freezing, or entertaining.  Watch the Facebook page or contact us for pricing.  Examples of our bulk items include Corn, Field Peas, Green Snap Beans, Tomatoes, Butter Beans, Potatoes, and Cucumbers.